Skilled windshield repair by industry experts

SafetyGlassLLC prioritizes repairs above all

A cracked windshield disrupts your plans, but before opting for a replacement, consider our swift repair services at SafetyGlassLLC. We prioritize cost-effective solutions tailored to your glass damage, offering flexible service options from drop-off to doorstep, making your repair journey surprisingly convenient.

What are the indicators that suggest my windshield is eligible for repair?

Typically, SafetyGlassLLC can repair your windshield if it meets these criteria:

  • Damage length is under 6 inches
  • Point of impact is smaller than a dime
  • No more than 3 chips present
  • Damage doesn’t obstruct a camera or sensor

Our skilled technicians handle over one million windshield repairs annually, catering to all vehicle types, including EVs.

What are the steps involved in repairing a chipped windshield?

Opting for chip repair with SafetyGlassLLC guarantees a seamless and stress-free experience:

  • Assessment: Our technician examines the chip for suitability, considering factors like size, location, and age.
  • Preparation: The damaged area is meticulously cleaned and readied for repair.
  • Injection: Specialized resin is injected into the chip, bonding with the glass and preventing further damage.
  • Curing: UV light cures the resin, ensuring a durable and clear repair.
  • Final Inspection: Our technician assesses the repair’s quality to meet our standards.


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